Danica Savonick is a doctoral student in English at The Graduate Center, CUNY, a Graduate Teaching Fellow at Queens College, a Research Fellow with The Futures Initiative, and a HASTAC scholar. For up to date information, visit her website.


Research and Teaching

While knowledge production is usually grouped into either teaching or research, my work explores the interconnectedness of the two. Research and teaching interests include U.S. literary and cultural studies, pedagogy, social justice, American studies, and digital humanities.

“Introduction to Narrative: a Collaborative, Experimental Intellectual Adventure” HASTAC.org| May 2015

  • A blog explaining the pedagogy behind the course I taught in Spring 2015 at Queens College. Includes links to the syllabus and student work.

“On Crafting an Assignment Sequence for a Collaborative, Web-Based Final Project in a Composition Course” Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy| May 2015

  • This assignment explains how to scaffold a digital, collaborative research project into a basic writing course. Read a more detailed explanation here.

“Student-Centered Pedagogy.” Mapping the Futures of Higher Education| March 2015

  • This blog explains the two graduate seminars I co-taught as part of Cathy N. Davidson and William P. Kelly’s “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education” course at The Graduate Center, CUNY in Spring 2015.

Gender Bias in Academe: An Annotated Bibliography” (co-authored with Cathy N. Davidson) HASTAC.org| January 2015

  • The studies aggregated and summarized here offer important policy implications for the traditional ways that we count and quantify the processes leading to hiring, promotion, and tenure.


Teaching #BlackLivesMatter: Countering the Pedagogies of Anti-Black Racism. Mentoring Future Faculty of Color at The Graduate Center, CUNY. | December 2014

  • An event exploring antiracist pedagogies.


The Futures Initiative | The Graduate Center, CUNY

Mentoring Future Faculty of Color (MFFC) | The Graduate Center, CUNY

American Studies Student Group | The Graduate Center, CUNY

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